Monday, March 05, 2012

Kuwait's National n Liberation Day Celebration 2012(1)

On the day of the National Day and Liberation Day of Kuwait, Kuwaitis  wear their national dress, have lot of fun with their family, participate in the festivities and enjoy the firework. Public buildings are illuminated. Mementos and other items like T-shirts, dresses,hats, bags,finger-rings, hair bands, clips, mask's etc depict the Kuwaiti flag or its colors are sold and people wear them with lot of love and respect. You will find such items from 100 fills shops to big malls....they are everywhere. I just love the atmosphere then ....the love of the Kuwaitis towards there country is evident in so many items. Even chocolates and sweets are made of the colour of the flag and sold. Its nothing degrading for them...its only love love and love for their country and flag.

But as an Indian I was shocked at first. This is something not allowed in India. It means showing our disrespect to our national flag. We will be put in jail for this.
This was a cultural shock for me.

The following pictures I took at 360 Mall, where few items of their national flag colour  was sold....

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