Monday, February 28, 2011

Lulu Hypermarket,Qurain,Q8 Decorated

Its festive and celebratory mood in Kuwait. Every mall, shop,road, house is decorated for its 50th year of Independence,20th year of Liberation and 5th year of power of the Amir/King in its own style. 

Yesterday, visited Lulu Hyper,Qurain branch for our weekly marketing.It is also pleasantly and distinctively decorated. Even gift items were sold with/of Q8ti flag designs. 

 Here are some pictures of the decoration....

Festival of Light,Ahmadi Q8,2011

In two of my earlier post I wrote about the Festival Of Light that is celebrated every year in the month of February in Ahmadi in Kuwait. The whole town is redefined as trees, roads, houses,offices etc are all decorated with lights by KOC. You can check the previous post on it

This year was no different. Infact Kuwait celebrated its 50th year of Independence,20th year of Liberation and 5th year of power of the Amir/King. This weekend visited the township and took some pictures which I am sharing with you all.

The KNPC which is lighted with different themes each year is unique this was made like a big screen

The KOC head office which is often fully decorated is kept simple.....the building is left decoration with lights but the boundary and campus too looked great

The best design which I liked was that of peacock and the big cactus tree

Time flies. I remember it very well(its just like yesterday) our visit to Ahmadi without Mehr...then taking Mehr as a taking her while she just learned to walk...and now she poses whenever you take pic's and also took pictures herself.

                                                                       KNPC HEAD OFFICE

Pictures of the Town

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Is everything fine, Pompee?"

I have read about the Bedouins protest here in Kuwait. For the last few days they have been protesting. Hope it doesn't take an ugly and massive turn like Egypt, Bahrain and now the bloodshed in Libiya…..With so much of tension, agitation and unrest in the entire region, back home, people got worried. A week back, Suman my brother called “Is everything fine,Pompee? There is so much of unrest in the region? Is there any type of protest in Kuwait?” I had to assure him that all’s fine here and there is no protest here in Kuwait. The Amir of Kuwait is a very kind hearted leader who had done lot of things for his country and people. During my four years stay in Kuwait, I have started feeling that Kuwait is a truly welfare state. I do know about the Bedouins and their problems, but some how when I assured my brother and family in India, that evening I just forgot about the issue. Kuwait is preparing to celebrate its 50th Year of Independence , 20th year of Liberation from the Iraqi forces and 5th Year of Rule of the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah…there is lot of preparation going on  but at the same time security measures are also taken keeping in mind the unrest in the country.

My brother called again yesterday and asked about the Bedouin protest? I assured him that alls fine and normal in Kuwait and that there is massive preparation going on for its National and Liberation Day. NOW who are these Bedouins?

Bedouins are the nomadic inhabitants of the desert generally referring to the nomads of Arabia (Saudi Arabia), Negev (Israel) and Sinai (Egypt). They are recognized by their nomadic lifestyle, specific dialect, social structure, culture and their weaving. The nomadic Bedouins live in tents that are woven by their women folk. 

The Bedouins in Kuwait is believed to be roughly 100,000 claim they have the right to Kuwaiti citizenship, but the government says that ancestors of many of them came from neighboring countries and they are not entitled to nationality. Kuwait launched a crackdown on the Bedouins in 2000, depriving them of basic rights including the right to health, education and jobs, in a bid to force them to reveal what the authorities say are their true identities. Many Bedouins have no right to a driver's license, can't own a house, car, cannot get birth certificates for their babies or death certificates for the dead. They are also banned from getting their marriage contracts attested.

The Bedouins have been protesting in various parts of the country carrying Kuwaiti flags and pictures of the ruler and also demanded their right to work. Most bedouins claim to be Kuwaitis whose forefathers, who lived as Bedouins in the desert, failed to apply for citizenship when the state first introduced its nationality law in 1959.

In oil rich Kuwait, where its citizens get lot of benefits and money from the government, these Bedouins live in poor economic conditions. Kuwaiti MP’s have called on the government to quickly resolve the problem. Hope and pray that the protest doesn’t take ugly turn.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Q8.....Amnesty begins March 1st

Four months of time will be given to residency violators to correct their status without penalty, starting from March 1st, Arabic daily reported quoting Assistant under secretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, Mansour Al Mansour. Al Mansour said that the application submitted by the supreme committee for organizing expats in the private sector was approved and that they will be given 4 months, starting March 1 and ending June 30, 2011, to correct their residency status.

Expats can renew their residency or go back home without paying any penalties during this period. Further to this, the names of the violators will not be blacklisted from entering Kuwait and that their finger prints will not be taken if they decided to leave. Al Mansour said that there will be no restriction for their return if they decided to leave during the grace period

Q8 Tower prepares for fireworks

In order to prepare for the installation and fireworks display, as part of the countries national day celebrations, Kuwait towers will remain closed to visitors between Feb 23 and 27.

The decision has been made in order to protect the safety of visitors, as well as to facilitate the preparations for the event. The grand fireworks display will take place around Kuwait tower vicinity on 25th February.

Kuwait Tower will reopen to the public on Monday Feb 28th.

Diving Tour,Q8

Are you adventurous? Are you an explorer? Did you ever dream of exploring the underwater world?...... A world of bewilderment, beauty, charm, attractiveness and mystery awaits you. If you want to explore, then you can take the services of KTS.

The KUWAIT TOURISM SERVICES daily organize Diving Tours. The tour is for 8 hours but is subjected to high tides and weather conditions. You will have an under water experience at the Kubbar Island to explore the coral reefs and the colorful fishes that are found around this secluded and virgin island. An exciting opportunity for those who wish to scuba dive, snorkel, sun bathe and swim before you depart to Failaka where you will have your lunch and head back to mainland Kuwait.

KTS organizes other tours like Discovery Tour, Graceful Traditions, Mystic Highlights, Savour the Culture, Shopping Experience, Black Gold Adventure, Island Cruising and Traditional Mubarakiah Souq Tour. All tours start from 10KD per person but if you are in group then there is some discount.

Kuwait Tourism Services is the country's first inbound tour operator totally dedicated to promote tourism into Kuwait. The company was established in 1997 and operate in association with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry-Tourism Sector, Kuwait Airways, KHOA (the Kuwait Hotel Owners Association) and the 12 luxury Five / Four Star Hotels in Kuwait.

To more know you can call them (+965)22451734-22451736

or Mail them:

Or Visit their office which opens on Saturday to Thursday from 8am to 6pm

Amazing Underwater Sports,Q8

The department/ stall which I admired the most in Mishref Exhibition Ground,was that which exhibited the activities of Kuwait Dive Team  and Padi Seal Team.

Kuwait Dive Team is a team of Kuwaiti young men who are attempting rescuing and rehabilitating Kuwaiti marine environment through dedicated and distinct marine operations. They gave us a nice CD where the work they had done and plan to do are beautifully shown. The main objectives of Kuwait Dive Team is rehabilitating and protecting marine environment; encouraging voluntary activities to serve the environment and qualifying national staff specialized in marine projects and operations. They also give Scuba Diving Course.

To know more about them you can check their website

Have you ever wondered what it's like to dive with flashlights, take digital pictures underwater or float effortlessly like an astronaut? Have you ever wanted to do Scuba diving and see the beautiful underwater world? The PADI SEAL TEAM will help you to do all is for young divers who are looking for action-packed fun in a pool by doing exciting scuba AquaMissions. I always wanted to do Scuba Diving....a dream urge to try it at least once in a life time. And when I saw and met members of Padi Seal Team I was dream will become a reality during my stay in Kuwait. 

They offer Discover Scuba Diving course which is free and runs for around 3 hours. Once you take the course and feel like scuba diving is something you want to get into then you can sign up to the Open Water / Advance course which is KD140. That course involves 5 pool dives, 5 classroom sessions and 4 open water sea dives. Once you complete that course you would get your scuba diving certificate and will be able to go diving with other certified scuba divers without a need for an instructor.

To know more about them check their website

There are lot many Diving Centers in Kuwait. The Kuwaiti men are adventurous, dare devils and love water sports. So there are abundance of such groups. To check out about other Diving Centers that give training, check out and

Q8 National Guard

The department/stall which attracted the largest number of visitors in Mishref was the Q8 National Guard. Officers were moving about in their nice and smart olive green dress, explaining to anyone who asked them questions. They even distributed nice detail brochures, water bottles, chocolates and pastries. We too were attracted to go and spend some time, and Jeet was busy clearing his doubts about the forces. He was confused weather they were part of the military forces.

The NATIONAL SECURITY GUARD was established in 1967, as an authority independent from Armed Forces and General Security Authorities.More then forty years have passed and each year a new section of individuals are trained to support their brothers in Armed forces and Ministry of Interior. It started when Abdul Karim Qassim began a trial to occupy Kuwait in 1961 when a large gathering of citizens volunteered to take up arms and to be trained to use them for the defence of the country. Those volunteers were then known as National Guard. When the number of volunteers increased, National Guard had to be originated from the Armed Forces as an independent authority, to fulfill the mission of training these groups of volunteers for the sake of defense  and security of this country.

The following are the duties and responsibilities of National Security Guard....
Protection of the ......
1- Council of Ministers
2-Ministry of Communication premises
3-Embassies premises
4-Ministry of Information premises
5-Ministry of Foreign Affairs
6-National Control site
7-City Control site(Umm Sada)
8-Eastern n Western Doha site
9- Sabhan Fuel depot site
10-National Assembly premise
11-Accompanying and protecting ques of military friend forces
12-Participation of a part of its forces with Administration of Security and Protection of Facilities in Ministry of Interior in performing its tasks and duties.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Independence50 Exhibition,Mishref Q8(5)

Few more pictures....

Pictures....Independence50 Exhibition,Mishref(4)

The old type of Kuwaiti house, their dress, old boxes, lifestyle etc is also shown through models.....enjoyed having getting the opportunity to look at it