Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bayt Al-Bader,Q8

Are you interested to know about and see Kuwait’s old architectural creation? Do you want to visit a place which is a perfect combination of traditional and contemporary Kuwaiti architecture? Then the answer is “Bayt Al-Bader”. The house which was built during the years 1838-1848, has been kept as a heritage house, is on the Arabian Gulf Street. The house build from mud and stony rocks, complete with a raised ceiling of wooden baluster, thin rails and palm leaves has many rooms and big private courtyards. The very big drawing room and dining room with pictures of kings and family elders of Bader family and the diwaniya is very impressive. When you visit the house you will notice that the walls are covered with gypsum. The arched entryways and main doors are very impressive. But today the house appears to be deserted was previously the home of Al-Bader family. It is presently used as the exhibitions venue of local handicrafts by the National Museum. You can access Bayt Al-Bader easily through myriad ways, since it is strategically located on the Arabian Gulf Street near the National Museum and the Al-Sadu House.

Whenever we visit the National Museum, most of the time taking family members from India and friends, plan a visit to this heritage house. There is no entry fee. It remains open along with the National Museum as it’s a part of the museum now. But it will depend on your luck to find a guide or caretaker. First time we visited there was no one and we moved around ourselves. We even found some rooms closed though most of them were open. Next few times, we either found a caretaker or guide who took us around.

Next time you visit the National Museum; you can plan a visit to “Bayt Al Bader” and don’t forget your camera.

Kuwaitis Love Their Country

To love's one country is natural and you will hardly find any person who doesn't love or has no soft corner for his/her motherland. And to express their love is different from country to country. In India, you cannot show your love by wearing dress, cap, shoes made of your national flag, make chocolates or cakes and cut and eat them, or just put the flag in your car and move around. But in Kuwait its just the opposite. Such actions are not taken as insult to the country and the flag. Its the way of showing their love to their motherland.It was really a cultural shock to me.

Light Decoration,Q8

For the last few days could not update my blog. It was my horrible cough and cold, that kept me bed ridden and now my baby daughter is very sick. She is suffering from viral fever and this is the case with most babies here. Its for the sudden change of season, they said. Weather here has become like that of Assam. In my four years stay, I have not seen such weather.It has been continually raining for four days and it reminded me of Assam.

Infact few days ago, before my daughter fell sick and I too had that horrible throat infection, we drove through most part of Kuwait to see the various light decoration. As a part of celebration of Kuwait's 50th Independence Day and 20th Liberation Day, the entire country is lighted. It was a pleasure to see them and sharing with my readers and visitors.