Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ahmadi Hospital Kuwait

The Pediatrics Department of Ahmadi Hospital is renovated. Personally I don't think it was needed, but here they renovate it after 2-3 years even if it is not in a bad condition. What to say? These are characteristics of a rich country, which we can't think of in India.
I had to visit Ahmadi Hospital last Thursday and the renovation has been completed. Infact for the last few days/ months, had been making frequent visits to the hospital. When I first saw the renovation work, it made me think "is it necessary"?? With the renovation over, it looks completely different. New floor tiles, paint and most importantly the play room of the pediatrics department has got a complete make-over. All new set of toys,mats,cars etc are there for the kids though the old set of joys were perfectly in good condition. Mehr enjoyed when we were waiting for our turn to see the doctor.

Another ruined Weekend

It will be more then a month, that every weekend we are having sandstorm. In fact, early mornings are fine and by afternoon sandstorm starts and slowly it becomes horrible.All three of us are not keeping well, wont be wrong to say always sick because of the weather. It seems to me Jeet is becoming frustrated staying here and thinking seriously of moving out.

Best Summer Rates,IBIS Hotel Kuwait

Like other hotels in Kuwait, Ibis Hotels have started giving discounts for the summer months. 

Whether you are looking for a relaxing break or want to treat the whole family to a great getaway,Ibis has it all. Enjoy unbeatable,fully flexible rates and a fun-filled stay at Ibis.

From June1st-August30th 2011 guests can take advantage of our summer promotion special which is great value for money, in a single or double room. Ibis has two hotels in Kuwait, One at Sharq (phone no + 965 2292 8080) has prices of room starting from 19KD. While the one at Salmiya (phone no +965 2571 3872) has rooms starting from 24KD.

The highlights are....
Breakfast from 4am to noon
Hot food any time
Free internet

For online booking you can visit

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kuwait 14th Richest

Kuwait was ranked the 14th richest country in the world for the year of 2010, with a per capita (GDP) of $38,984, according to an economic report issued on the Global Finance's website.
According to an economic report issued on the Global Finance’s website, Qatar ranked first on the list, with a per capita of $90,149.
Luxembourg came second, Norway third, Singapore fourth, Brunei fifth, United States sixth, Hong Kong seventh, Switzerland eight, Netherlands ninth, Australia tenth on the list.
The other four Gulf Council Cooperation countries of UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman held the 18th, 33th, 36th, 37th spots respectively.

India is ranked in the 128th position.

Kuwait 14th Richest

Kuwait was ranked the 14th richest country in the world for the year of 2010, with a per capita (GDP) of $38,984, according to an economic report issued on the Global Finance's website.
According to an economic report issued on the Global Finance’s website, Qatar ranked first on the list, with a per capita of $90,149.
Luxembourg came second, Norway third, Singapore fourth, Brunei fifth, United States sixth, Hong Kong seventh, Switzerland eight, Netherlands ninth, Australia tenth on the list.
The other four Gulf Council Cooperation countries of UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman held the 18th, 33th, 36th, 37th spots respectively.

India is ranked in the 128th position.

Amir of Kuwait in London

Few days ago, my husband was checking out the Arab Times online as usual and saw pictures of the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, at his Al-Sabahiya Palace in London. He found it very interesting and called me to see it. We don’t remember ever seeing him dressed in a suit before and he looks quite smart and handsome in it.He recently got discharged from a hospital in London after going through a successful routine health checkup.

The common picture we get to see of him is ......

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baroue Summer Discount,Kuwait

Baroue..Let's Play!  is One Stop Shop for Kids. Whenever we are in the Avenues, we visit it. Mehr just love the, dance,play,kids all around. Personally I feel its little expensive but do try it during SALE, you will definitely get some nice things at reasonable price. And not to say of the quality, they make no compromise with it.Till now whatever we have purchased for Mehr here, we have just no complains.

Baroue is offering discounts up to 60% off on toys and fashion.

Kuwait Tourism Services

I have come across a very nice website. If you visit Kuwait for some official work, or visit your relative who is here in Kuwait , and want to have a tour of this beautiful country you can surely take the services of this website
Kuwait Tourism Services is said to be the country's first inbound tour operator. They offer lot of packages and tours whose services you can surely take. 

Summer Packages By Hotels in Kuwait

Kuwait Marriott Hotels are offering exciting packages for the upcoming summer travel season to locals, expatriates, as well as other families who will be visiting Kuwait from GCC COUNTRIES. The new offer is valid from 16 June- 9 September.

Room rates range from KD 39 per room/per night to KD 45 per room/per night subject to 15% service charge.  Guests residing at the hotels with children can enjoy daily free breakfast for up to 2 children. Hotel guests are also entitled to 20% discount at the restaurants.  Inclusive of the summer stay package, guests with children in the age of group of 6-12 will enjoy a 50% discount on all their meals at the restaurants with very attractive packages for suites in both hotels.
Hotel guests can enjoy delicious buffet and a la Carte menu at the Courtyard by Marriott’s Atrium restaurant. The hotel recently launched the Indian restaurant Soul and Spice, offering the perfect blend of Indian spices in a contemporary presentation. The restaurant offers an extensive a la carte menu featuring authentic Indian dishes.
Meanwhile, guests staying at the JW Marriott Kuwait Hotel can enjoy an exciting buffet at the hotel’s very popular La Brasserie restaurant which features delicious international buffets.  For diners who want to enjoy the experience of fine dining at the hotel, must visit the Terrace Grill restaurant.

Kuwait Airways,Ministry of Commerce and Industry Tourism and Kuwait Hotel Owners Associations jointly has come out with the programme.KD39 per night you need to pay in one of the 12 participating hotels every day of the year.
This Offer is valid only for Kuwaities and Residents of Kuwait.
  • Valid every day of the year
  • Rate is for double room
  • Price is subject to 15% service charge.

For details check out

Monday, June 13, 2011

Domino's Pizza-2xMonday,Q8

Do you love eating pizza? Then you should not miss Monday's at Domino's Pizza beacuseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....................

Domino's Pizza is well known all over the world. All 3 of us, love their pizza's though we did not order much before. But know that Mehr loves to eat them, very often ,specially monday's we order them. They charge 300 fills for delivery and you can choose a variety from their tasty pizza's.....

You can ask for additional toppings at an extra cost. Just try it out, will surely love it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Planning to buy some gold ornaments to gift to dear ones when you go home during summer vacation ? Joyalukkas is giving free gifts with purchase of gold ornaments above 300KD.

Spend KD 300/- and get a free watch!
Also, get free gifts with diamond jewellery purchases!
Spend KD 800/- or more : Get a free Nokia C5 mobile
Spend KD 1,600/- or more : Get a free 32" LG LCD TVSpend KD 2,400/- or more : Get a free DELL Laptop
Offer period: June 8th to July 30th, 2011.
*Conditions apply
This promotion is valid only in Joyalukkas Kuwait showrooms

Gold Souq,Kuwait

Gold is one of the most favorite among all precious metals and Middle East is extremely famous for gold and gold jewellery. It is said that Middle East gold is pure and free from adulteration. But I really find it funny and irritating when people back home say that gold is very cheap here. They think we can get it at peanut rate. I have visited the gold souq at Dubai and has visited the many gold souq's/ markets here in Kuwait. No shop-keeper will give you gold at less then market value, but it is the making charge that makes all the difference. It depends on your bargaining power how much you will be paying for the "making charge" of the gold ornaments that you will buy. And that stands true to any part of the world...Dubai, Kuwait, India.

Kuwait has many gold souq's/ markets. The following are the list of the markets, where you can go to buy this precious metal......

1)Gold market/ souq in the Watiya area of Kuwait city. Its in the Watiya Abu Bakr Street, in the same building where you will find the Asia Asia Restaurant. The restaurant is in the second floor and the ground and first floor is full with innumerable gold shops.The owners of this gold shops are mainly Indians and you will basically find Indian designs here. The first floor has brands like Damas n Joyalukkas.The gold ornaments found here is mainly 22carat.

2)There is another Gold market at Kuwait City.This market is basically Kuwaiti gold souq and the design of the souq is like the Dubai gold souq. You will find both 21 and 22 carat gold ornaments here. But 21 carat gold ornaments are more here, as you will find Kuwaiti / Arabic designs. Arabic gold shops keep more 21 carat gold ornaments.This market is near Gulf bank main office and the Kuwait Stock Exchange. Most of the shop keepers are Kuwaitis and you might find few shop owners who are Gujarati Muslims and have been living in Kuwait for generations.

3)The Fahaheel area of Kuwait has lot of gold shops. As the Fahaheel area is a large one, we can sub-divide it into 3 more areas.......

@ The first area is in and around makka street near Fahaheel NBK building. Near the building you will find brands like Joyallukas and Damas. Just opposite the building, as you take the road, you will find shops at both side of the roads. These shops are Kuwaiti shops and you will find some beautiful unique Arabic designs here.You will find 21/18 carat old ornaments here. 

@@ The other area is near Honest, Red Tag shops. There are few shops here but the owners and designs are Indian. You will find 22 carat gold here.

@@@ The third area is near Ajial Mall. There are few shops here in one street near the mall but the shop owners and designs are Arabics. Here again you will find 21 /18 carat gold ornaments 

4) There is a gold souq at Hawally area which has mostly Arabic designs and few reputed brands. You will find 18,21 and 22 carat gold ornaments here.

What I have seen and from my personal experience I feel you should go to big brands if you want to buy unique gold sets. The making price of the designs/ sets are more then 1kd/gram. Mostly they charge between 1.750 to 2.250 KD/grm. If you go to the small Indian gold shops, the making starts from .450 to .800/ gram.  And Kuwaiti/ Arabic shops charge something from 1.250 to 2 kd/gram.  

Do you know of any more gold souq's in Kuwait. You are welcome to list them here as comments.

Only the first picture is from my personal collection, the others are taken from the net. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011


With too much of sandstorm every weekend, its becoming difficult to stay in Kuwait. Infact it had made me and my husband to think of shifting to some other place. With Mehr its becoming more difficult. She just recovered from cold and fever, and yesterday we had to go out for the weekly marketing and suddenly had to face a terrible sandstorm. We could never had gone out but since the last 3weeks we couldn't do any marketing because of sandstorm, we had absolutely nothing at home. But now all three of us are sick with cold, fever and running nose. Hope the weather changes to better.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


When I decided to send Mehr to a play school, I searched lot of schools in our locality and the near-by locality. But I never came across KIDZEE. In fact I was thinking of taking franchises and opening it. Anyway, it just remained a plan as I didn't take it seriously and went to India for a long vacation.After returning from India, I put Mehr in a play school of our locality.

But few days ago, I have come across Kidzee Kuwait. I always wanted to put Mehr in a Kidzee playschool but she is admitted in a school, which I find nice . The teachers Gauri and Bharti are very caring and motherly. Though I don't need a play school for Mehr now, but still I will be visiting their campus soon. I knew about Kidzee long ago. Infact the one in Guwahati is near our house and I had visited it many times with my colleagues for their kids. It was those visits that had made me impress. Being a pioneer and leader in early childhood, care and education, it has set up unparalleled standards in the child development and education space. It is the largest pre-school chain in Asia.

Did  hear about summer camp at KIDZEE Q8. Here are the details....

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Shradhanjali Kanan Park, Guwahati

When it’s time for us to go home, granny, grandpa, aunties of Mehr make a list of places to take her. From the day we landed at Guwahati, we had been hearing about the newly constructed park infornt of Zoo on the R.G.Barua Road. Chief Minister, Tarun Gogoi on October11, 2010 inaugurated this sprawling park-Shradhanjali Kanan Park. The Rs 8.73-crore park – developed by the GMDA with support from the Guwahati Development Department – is a multi-facility recreational ground spread over 23 bighas.

After getting so much feed back from people at home, one day we landed at the park. But to say the truth, we were not at all impressed. Maybe because it was then very recently opened and lot of work was to be completed. The plants planted were very small and maybe after it blooms it will look beautiful. No doubt it had some features which include laser and musical fountains, water fountains, facilities for children’s games, yoga, an amphitheatre, restaurant, walkway, decorated water bodies. From some empty rooms/ house that we saw, I think there will be a restaurant within the park. But the best thing is the amphitheatre where open air concert can take place. My sis and brother-in-law attended a musical delight and thoroughly enjoyed it. For detail information on the programme, you can check

No doubt, it will be a great place for people of Guwahati to take a walk or have some fresh air, which otherwise is becoming difficult in the hap-hazard growing Guwahati. 

Parks, recreational places has always been lovers den and this park is no doubt different. But what made me and my husband uncomfortable was the brazenly show of love in the park which is visited by kids, adults and old. Infact, that day few schools had brought their kids for picnic. Infront of so many people how shamelessly the lovers were behaving, made me think whether we have forgotten our culture? Infact I wrote an open letter to the authorities of the park, in a reputed newspaper, but I am not sure whether any actions were taken against such immoral behavior.

We need parks but care should be taken that no immoral action takes place in such public place.

Some pictures of the park when we visited it on Dec 2010….