Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Shradhanjali Kanan Park, Guwahati

When it’s time for us to go home, granny, grandpa, aunties of Mehr make a list of places to take her. From the day we landed at Guwahati, we had been hearing about the newly constructed park infornt of Zoo on the R.G.Barua Road. Chief Minister, Tarun Gogoi on October11, 2010 inaugurated this sprawling park-Shradhanjali Kanan Park. The Rs 8.73-crore park – developed by the GMDA with support from the Guwahati Development Department – is a multi-facility recreational ground spread over 23 bighas.

After getting so much feed back from people at home, one day we landed at the park. But to say the truth, we were not at all impressed. Maybe because it was then very recently opened and lot of work was to be completed. The plants planted were very small and maybe after it blooms it will look beautiful. No doubt it had some features which include laser and musical fountains, water fountains, facilities for children’s games, yoga, an amphitheatre, restaurant, walkway, decorated water bodies. From some empty rooms/ house that we saw, I think there will be a restaurant within the park. But the best thing is the amphitheatre where open air concert can take place. My sis and brother-in-law attended a musical delight and thoroughly enjoyed it. For detail information on the programme, you can check

No doubt, it will be a great place for people of Guwahati to take a walk or have some fresh air, which otherwise is becoming difficult in the hap-hazard growing Guwahati. 

Parks, recreational places has always been lovers den and this park is no doubt different. But what made me and my husband uncomfortable was the brazenly show of love in the park which is visited by kids, adults and old. Infact, that day few schools had brought their kids for picnic. Infront of so many people how shamelessly the lovers were behaving, made me think whether we have forgotten our culture? Infact I wrote an open letter to the authorities of the park, in a reputed newspaper, but I am not sure whether any actions were taken against such immoral behavior.

We need parks but care should be taken that no immoral action takes place in such public place.

Some pictures of the park when we visited it on Dec 2010…. 


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