Monday, June 06, 2011

Roopram Roti Restaurant,Delhi

Before Mehr was born, we did not halt at Delhi and took direct flight to Guwahati and did whatever waiting we required after arriving from Kuwait in Delhi, at Delhi airport. But things changed after Mehr was born. The two-flight journey from Kuwait-Delhi-Guwahati is too tiring and not just possible with Mehr. So we started to stay at Delhi for 1-2days before proceeding or returning from home. At first we tried few private guest house run by Assamese families. We payed Rs 5000 /day but it was not of any worth. So we started searching other option. We decided to try “Hotel Ginger”  atleast once after getting some good feedback. We enjoyed our stay and is staying here every time we visit India

During our last visit, one day as we were moving around CP, we came across Roopram Roti Restaurant. It was dinner time and we decided to try it out. We ordered Rice chicken masala(Rs200) and Roti chicken masala(Rs175) and sprite and coca cola(Rs25 each for 330ml can). I must say we had our worst chicken here. The sabzi they served with rice chicken was horrible nor was the chicken well cooked. I am sure this restaurant is not worth a try.


Satish said...

The menu shown here is from 6 months ago. Since they have redesigned the menu after that the food is definitely worth a try! They got promising reviews in The Hindu (February 2011) and many aticles in international media! If you are in Delhi, visit them again, you will be amazed of their perfect, well balanced food, quick service and reasonable pricing! Do it!

PARIMITA said...

We visited Roopram in Dec'2010.I don't know about the change in menu, but we were very upset with the food then. We had the worst food in any restaurant.

Satish said...

Well, what can Isay? On behalf of Roopram I would like to apologise for any inconvenience and your negative experience. Next time, do ask for me and I shall take care of you personally to make sure that you get the food which markes our existence since 1973: fresh, quick, and delicious!