Thursday, November 02, 2017

Day Out at Yasmin Farm Wafra Kuwait

Kuwait's weather is not always pleasant to plan outdoor activity whenever you want to go out. So we keep waiting for the right weather. We get only few months and when it comes , everyone take full advantage by planning lot of outdoor activities.

The weather is perfect now in Kuwait for out door activity. So last weekend we decided to go out to wafra for a day long picnic with few friends. In our last 11 yrs stay in Kuwait we have visited Wafra,  many times .We decided to go to Yasmin farms as few of our friends had not gone , though there are much bigger and better farm in Kuwait then Yasmin.

They charge 3 KD per person for the tour inside the farm. 


more about Yasmin farm

We took breakfast and lunch with us and in het picnic area of the farm we had a great time. The farm has facility for a perfect family outing .

Posting some of the previous links of Visit to Wafra......

Kalari .....a one point activity center / licensed fitness center in Kuwait

To find a center where all the fitness / activity of the family is fulfilled, its not easy. Staying away from home , India and in a far away country where  we can keep our body fit by aerobics or learn any Indian classical dance......its like a dream come true.

KALARI ........a licensed centre fulfills all the needs of the family 

yoga classes in kuwait

Trying to find a yoga school in Kuwait is not easy....

I had experienced it myself. Though their are many such  schools but to get information is not easy. So I have decided to make a list, so that its easy for expats like us.

If anyone runs a yoga school , be free to msg me the details so that i can include in the list 

Drawing Competition For Kids Kuwait

Dance schools in Kuwait

Trying to find a dance school in Kuwait is not easy....

I had experienced it myself. Though their are many schools but to get information is not easy. So I have decided to make a list, so that its easy for parents . 

If anyone runs a dance school , be free to message me the details so that i can include in the list 

LASYA.....Is in FAHAHEEL   Lasya-School-Of-Dance 

gokulam kalakshetra kuwait school of dance

at Abu Halifa

“Gymnazia” School of Dance and Gymnastics ....... They're in Salmiya

British academy of international arts (BAIA). Located at BSK and is open to all. They offer ballet, jazz, tap etc. 

Dental care fee for expats increased in KUWAIT

Health Minister Dr Jamal Al-Harbi issued a decision to increase the fees for dental services for expats, as part of the health fee increases which came into effect this month. 

The decision states that expatriates pays KD 2 for each visit in addition to fees according to the required services.

The decision includes x-ray fees whenever the patient needs it, to be collected once only if it is for the same tooth on the same visit. Expats will be received at specialized dental clinics by referral from primary care clinics after the initial treatment is completed (filling, extraction or cleaning). 

Children with special needs or those who suffer from cancer, or need organ transplantation and congenital malformations of the oral cavity up to 12 years are exempted from dental fees.

The charges for complete denture shall be KD 30 and KD 15 for partial denture (either lower of upper), KD 10 shall be paid for 2 to 6 teeth and KD 5 for a single movable tooth.

KD 2 shall be paid for the removal of the tooth, KD 5 for removal by surgery or removal of abscess and surgery of bags in the mouth, and 35 dinars for the treatment of fractures of jaws.

KD 5 shall be paid for cleaning the gums, while KD 10 for surgeries on each tooth. Fees for withdrawal of a partial nerve shall be 2 dinars, while the initial treatment of the nerve of the front tooth shall be 5 dinars and 10 dinars for the initial treatment of the back tooth, KD 15 for the full treatment of the nerve of front tooth and 15 dinars for the back tooth.

KD 2 shall be paid for temporary filling and KD 5 for permanent filling cleaning and treatment by using fluoride and protective fi lling of each tooth, and KD 5 for permanent filling for each tooth. KD 10 shall be paid to treat the nerve of each tooth with the provision of metal crown and 5 dinars for the treatment of nerve for each tooth with a permanent fi lling. The removal of each tooth shall cost KD 2. 

The charges are KD 2 for X-ray for each tooth while the panoramic radiation is 5 dinars and 10 dinars for CT

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Danube Home in Kuwait

Danube Home is the home décor and furniture wing under the diverse Danube Group, which was mooted in order to meet the demand of quality furniture in the region. Available in the countries including the UAE, Oman, KSA, Qatar and Bahrain, Danube Home serves as a one-stop destination to offer the widest array of quality furniture, furnishing items and interior design assistance, made specially to satisfy the needs and preferences of every home décor enthusiast.

LuLu Hypermarket launches Festival of Egypt

LuLu Hypermarket, the leading retailer in the region, launched the 11-day Festival of Egypt promotion at all its outlets on 5th October.

The festival was inaugurated at the Hypermarket's Al-Dajeej branch by His Excellency Yasser Atif, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Kuwait, along with the top management from LuLu Hypermarket, in the presence of a large crowd of shoppers and well-wishers.

The Festival of Egypt, which runs from 4th to 14th October, showcases the wide diversity of Egyptian foods including specialty cheese, fresh fruits, tender vegetables, fish, meat and olives. Among the products being highlighted at the festival are luscious mangoes, oranges, strawberries, grapes,watermelons and pomegranates.

A cultural extravaganza is also being held as part of the festival and features traditional music and dances of Egypt, including the famous Saidi horse-dance, zaffa the marriage procession dance and the vibrant tanoura. In addition, special magic shows and painted clowns will entertain children on the evenings of 5th and 6th October.

The promotion period will also witness several competitions, including clay modeling and a fashion show of traditional costumes for children below the age of 12.

The Festival of Egypt once again reiterates LuLu Hypermarket commitment to interacting with their customers at every touch-point. The promotion also creates opportunities for people from different communities to come together and enjoy each other's cultures, cuisines and foods.

Places to Visit in Kuwait- Public Park between Kuwait Towers n Green Island

Kuwait is a country where summer is very hot, dry , dusty and temperature exceeding 48-50 c most of the time. While it experiences colder weather and cold winds in winters  because of cold winds blowing from upper Iraq and Iran.  

So Kuwait gets only few months of pleasant weather.....September last to November  first week.....and again in February and March. This is the time for outdoor activity and to take your kids to the beach areas where lot of activities are there for them to enjoy; while you and your spouse take a walk in the walking track near beach or enjoy the beautiful peaceful and romantic moonlight  :))
There are several public gardens among the beaches in Kuwait which are maintained by the Municipality. They have slides, swings, climbing apparatus and grassy areas for picnics or barbecues.
 This weekend we visited two places.....
The second place was........
Friday evening we visited the public park between Kuwait Towers n Green Island. Its a beautiful place with lot of activities for kids and adults alike. There is Only one  restaurant call FRIDAY for your reference.You can see the beautiful Kuwait Tower and its view be it in the day or night is mesmerizing. The beautiful city skyline at night is something you can look at it for hours.