Monday, February 28, 2011

Festival of Light,Ahmadi Q8,2011

In two of my earlier post I wrote about the Festival Of Light that is celebrated every year in the month of February in Ahmadi in Kuwait. The whole town is redefined as trees, roads, houses,offices etc are all decorated with lights by KOC. You can check the previous post on it

This year was no different. Infact Kuwait celebrated its 50th year of Independence,20th year of Liberation and 5th year of power of the Amir/King. This weekend visited the township and took some pictures which I am sharing with you all.

The KNPC which is lighted with different themes each year is unique this was made like a big screen

The KOC head office which is often fully decorated is kept simple.....the building is left decoration with lights but the boundary and campus too looked great

The best design which I liked was that of peacock and the big cactus tree

Time flies. I remember it very well(its just like yesterday) our visit to Ahmadi without Mehr...then taking Mehr as a taking her while she just learned to walk...and now she poses whenever you take pic's and also took pictures herself.

                                                                       KNPC HEAD OFFICE

Pictures of the Town

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