Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Q8 National Guard

The department/stall which attracted the largest number of visitors in Mishref was the Q8 National Guard. Officers were moving about in their nice and smart olive green dress, explaining to anyone who asked them questions. They even distributed nice detail brochures, water bottles, chocolates and pastries. We too were attracted to go and spend some time, and Jeet was busy clearing his doubts about the forces. He was confused weather they were part of the military forces.

The NATIONAL SECURITY GUARD was established in 1967, as an authority independent from Armed Forces and General Security Authorities.More then forty years have passed and each year a new section of individuals are trained to support their brothers in Armed forces and Ministry of Interior. It started when Abdul Karim Qassim began a trial to occupy Kuwait in 1961 when a large gathering of citizens volunteered to take up arms and to be trained to use them for the defence of the country. Those volunteers were then known as National Guard. When the number of volunteers increased, National Guard had to be originated from the Armed Forces as an independent authority, to fulfill the mission of training these groups of volunteers for the sake of defense  and security of this country.

The following are the duties and responsibilities of National Security Guard....
Protection of the ......
1- Council of Ministers
2-Ministry of Communication premises
3-Embassies premises
4-Ministry of Information premises
5-Ministry of Foreign Affairs
6-National Control site
7-City Control site(Umm Sada)
8-Eastern n Western Doha site
9- Sabhan Fuel depot site
10-National Assembly premise
11-Accompanying and protecting ques of military friend forces
12-Participation of a part of its forces with Administration of Security and Protection of Facilities in Ministry of Interior in performing its tasks and duties.

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