Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BAKLAVAJI-Turkish sweet shop @ Lulu Hyper,Qurain Building

I love to go to Lulu Hypermarket,Qurain to do my weekly shopping as I get all my required items there. But had not visited it for nearly a month, as my daughter and myself were down with throat infection.

This weekend I went and was surprise to see 3 new shops at the entrance.

The first one that took my attention was BAKLAVAJI- the Turkish sweets shop.  

This is what you will get in their website...."We come from a traditional baklava-making family since the time of the Ottomans, with our own special secret recipe for baklava. Gaziantep, a city also known as the birthplace of this traditional sweet, has offered its best to the people. We are proud to share it with all. Our policy is to present the real taste of freshly made baklava just as you would taste it if you were in Gaziantep, Turkey yourself. We are motivated to offer the best quality baklava with the same authentic taste. "

I haven't been to Turkey so I can't tell you how true it is but I did buy their sweets and it did taste greattttttttt.

Did you taste it? how do you rate it??

Thanks to SARAH for the last two pic's. Can check her beautiful blog HERE

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