Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lunch @ Kerak Castle,JORDAN

The Kerak castle looms large over the landscape and Kerak town nestles almost within its folds. Even to this day Kerak is a largely Christian town and its inhabitants trace their roots to early Byzantine empires. 
It depends on what time you reach Kerak. We took the tour of the castle and later lunched at a restaurant.The restaurant where we lunched is actually in the castle....part of it.The name of the restaurant is "King's Castle". We were damn hungry so it was nice to find the restaurant so near-by.Once you come down from the castle and reach the road, you will find many more restaurants.
It was buffet lunch....there was lot of variety...from Arabic vegetarian to non-vegetarian.It will cost you 12JD/person(adult)
It was late by the time we had our lunch.But it was o.k as we (all 3 of us)were enjoying our visit to Wadi Mujib and the Kerak Castle

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