Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Madaba :Tips for Visitors(JORDAN)

Tips for Visitors , who plan to visit MADABA....

1) It’s worth visiting all the mosaic sites, not just the Church of St George’s….we visited them and were satisfied with what we saw.

2) Buy your Mosaic souvenir here. Its always to buy things at their place of origin….WHY??? because you get variety. It’s slightly costly (don’t worry Not Much) but the variety you will get here is difficult to find in any part of Jordan.
Amazing handicrafts abound in and around Madaba – there are handicraft souks on the road to Mt Nebo, as well as in town mostly centered along Artisan’s Street. Particularly look out for mosaics, hand woven rugs and wall hangings. 
3) Try the lemon and mint iced drink that is readily available in all the cafes here – it’s incredible!( Infact you can have them at Jerash also as its readily available there.)

4) Don't miss Madaba's Museum. It contains some outstanding mosaic panels as well as ancient traditional Jordanian embroidered dresses, jewellery and pottery.

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