Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Madaba,JORDAN: In Pictures(3)

Here are some pictures of St.George Church....

Entrance Gate to the church

There were lot of candles glowing in St.George church. The atmosphere within the church gave us lot of peace of mind. 

The visit to the church was also refreshing as it brought back memories of my daily visit to the church in my school as a kid. 

Within the church is a wonderfully vivid, 6th century Byzantine Mosaic Map showing Jerusalem and other holy sites. With two million pieces of coloured stone and a full 25 x 5 meters in its original state – most of which can be seen even today – is a map that depicts hills and valleys, villages and towns, as far away as the Nile Delta.  It was discovered in 1896 and is one the oldest known mosaic maps of the Holy Land ever uncovered, dating to the 6th century B.C.

. There is a small room in the church, where visitors write their wish with candles on the glass wall.

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