Thursday, March 22, 2012

Places to Visit in Madaba,JORDAN(7)

I have decided to write this post to help travelers know what are the places they should include in their itinerary while visiting Madaba.Because I have found that agents will take you to only St.George Church in Madaba( from my friend's experience).Even our agent tried to do the same thing while I was arranging our tour programme. But as I read about Madaba it was useful to me while trying to fix the deal with our agent. I made it clear that I wanted to include the following places during our trip to Madaba and he at last agreed. 
They will try to explain you that there won't be enough time.....don't  fall into their trap. You will get enough time to include all the places.

We visited Mt Nebo and Madaba on the same day.

The following places you should include in your Madaba itinerary..........

1) St.George Church (all agents include's Madaba's main tourist attraction)

2)Don't miss Madaba’s  Archaeological Park and Museum complex. It contains some outstanding mosaic panels as well as ancient traditional Jordanian embroidered dresses, jewellery and pottery.

3)Your visit to Madaba is incomplete without your visit to any  mosaics craft factory, where you can see artisans making mosaics items and also buy them.Here the artisans are taught the art of making, repairing and restoring mosaics. 

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