Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Largest number of expats lives in Farwaniya governorate

As per the initial results of Kuwait's 2011 census, Mubarak Al-Kabir is the only governorate to hold a Kuwaiti majority of 0.59 percent (152,157) compared to a non-Kuwaiti average of 0.41 percent (106,656), while Farwaniya holds the largest number of non-Kuwaitis of 602,346.

According to the initial results of census Kuwait's total population is 3.065,850, in which 35.5 percent are Kuwaitis (1,089,969) and 64.5 percent are non-Kuwaitis (1,975,881), Kuwait News Agency reported quoting the Central Statistics Office.

The annual population growth average between 2005 and 2011 is around 5.4 percent, representing 3.3 percent for Kuwaitis and 6.7 percent for non-Kuwaitis, according to head of the Central Statistics Office Abdullah Sahar.

On the distribution of people across governorates in the country, he said, Farwaniya Governorate had the largest population of 326,513, with the least populated being the newest, Mubarak Al-Kabir Governorate, with 258,813

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