Sunday, March 18, 2012

Classic Vintage Beauty of Kuwait(3)

As well as the cars on show, the "Historical,Vintage and Classic Cars Museum",Q8  has  a library full with books and magazines.  

We were happy to see and read a book by an Indian writer "The Maharaja and their Magnificent Motor Cars" by Gautam Sen.

There are lot of books, magazines on bikes and

Sports cars, Fiat 500, Ferrari Legends, Italian Auto Legends, British Auto Legends, Auto Legends, Old Car Trader, Auto Car,Exotic Car, Hot Roddings, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Auto Caps, Off-Road, Super Cars, Auto D'epoca, Auto Sportive, Sporting Jewells, Mini Car Bible, Ferrari-all the cars, BMW-Driven to Succeed, Jaguar E-Type, A-Z British Coach Builders, Bugatti, Morgan 100 Years, The cobra in the Barn, Great Cars of the 20th Century, The  Car,Road Tracker, Car Driver, Motor Tread, Diesel Power, Street Tredo and many more.  

We met Mr Fadel , the In-Charge of the museum. His passion for Classic and Vintage cars was apparent when he showed and gave us a tour of the museum, the library, books and the activities that the museum has taken to preserve old classic vintage cars.

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