Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kerak Castle,JORDAN:Tips for Visitors

The following are some tips for visitors to Kerak Castle:

1) Take a flashlight/torch with you when you visit the crusader castle.There are many tunnels and passages within the depths of the castle, many of that are not lit.

2) Before entering the Castle, spend five minutes to study the map situated at the entrance to the site.You will find it helps you keep your bearings whilst giving you an insightful background to its history and the people who lived there.

3) There are no railings, so be careful in climbing the castle.

4) There is also a small museum inside.Visit it as it offers some nice display.

5) Extremely windy…..carry scarf and hat.Also an umbrella during summer days.

6) Good history and amazing view of the town. You need at least 2hours to see this castle properly.

 7) Be prepared…..need to do lot of walking.Take time to go through most of rooms,passages,tunnels,corridors, up and down stairs,inside and outside. Amazing views of the city from the castle.

8) Don’t forget your camera….take lot of pictures to capture your visit to this historic and beautiful castle.

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