Monday, March 12, 2012

Wafra: Refreshingly Fresh,Kuwait(10)

Immense effort is involved to turn a desert into green land and the hard work of the mostly Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani farmers working in the farms need to be admired and  applaud.

We found that these farmers in spite of poverty has a big heart. They gifted us so many vegetables that we shared and distributed it with 12 other families of our building....

 Packing cucumber to gift us


Hafsa KQ said...

Hi, I loved your posts about wafra esp since I am planning to visit this weekend.
Could please tell me which specific farm did u go to? or was this a general open farm? I would love to go and see the vegs growing and the ppl packing just like in your pictures...Kindly guide me as I will be going for the first time this friday..thanks!

PARIMITA said...


You will see security or farmers working in the farms. Just ask them if you can go inside and have a look. If the Kuwaiti family is inside enjoying holiday, then you won’t be allowed inside. But you need not worry or feel sad, as there are 100’s of farms. You can get the opportunity to visit one of them. We purposely ignored farms where we saw Kuwaiti children playing and lot of cars parked. We drove around the area first, enjoyed our drive and then looked out for farms where we can have a tour.

As for the way, read my is the link