Monday, March 19, 2012

Kuwait heads for eminent food shortage as Customs workers strike

I was shocked when I visited my near-by Bakala( supermarket) and found lot of things(milk products, vegetables) not available in the store. And those available,the prices have sky rocketed.The bakala people told me that all is because of the strike in the customs.

Kuwait is headed for an impending food shortage as supply of basic commodities is being hampered by the on-going strike at the nation's Customs office as employees are demanding higher wages from the government
Basic necessities like food and important consumer goods are locked up in border entry points as Customs workers continue their strike which started about a week ago.
Dairy products, fruit and vegetables have disappeared from shelves of supermarkets and grocery stores as a result of non-processing of customs entry documents on importation of products from foreign suppliers.
Kuwait Times reported the soaring prices of basic commodities with some items going as high as 100% increase from prices recorded before the strike at the Customs office.
“The price of tomatoes, for instance, has soared by 100 percent. Also, the prices of other vegetables have increased as well. This has come about as a result of a shortage in fruits and vegetables. All the fruits and vegetables from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Turkey and others remain stranded at the border,” noted Ramzi from the Farwaniya Co-operative supermarket.
“The shortage was also noticed in Saudi dairy products that have completely disappeared from the market. We deal in five Saudi brands that supply us with dairy products. Local production is not enough to cover shortage, although they have increased production to supplies to our supermarket,” he added.
Meanwhile, the Cabinet reported to have met to discuss the issues on salary adjustments for Customs employees and the resolution of the on-going strike.
It was earlier reported that instructions have been issued to make "generous" pay increments in order to maintain stability in the country and that strikes should end, Al-Watan News reported.
Kuwait is a non-agricultural country owing to its distinct climate. As a result, the country is dependent on food imports, particularly fruits, vegetable

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