Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation launches digital oil library

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) has launched the first digital oil library in the Middle East region.

Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid Al-Sabah, managing director of the KPC for government and parliament, public and media relations, said in a release that the e-library would allow the staff of the KPC and its subsidiaries to easily get acquainted with millions of oil-bearing books and scientific researches.

"This service is now available to them (the oil staff) gratis," Sheikh Talal said.

"The KPC is the first Arab oil company to launch this project, which is primarily intended to spur employees to read so easily, and to provide researchers a huge oil archive," he said.
He highly commended the project as the fruit of fervent efforts by joints teams of the KPC and its subsidiaries.

"The project embodies the KPC's firm belief that the human element is its real fortune, and its interest in developing the skills of its staff," the senior KPC official pointed out.

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