Monday, March 05, 2012

New Geant at Egalia,Kuwait

The four days holidays during the National and Liberation Day was just great. We did what we loved the most....explored.There are lot of places we visited which I am yet to update in my blog. Actually we roamed and explored so much and it was raining(on National Day) and had strong winds on( Liberation Day), that it took a toil on our health.

All three of us was down with fever, cold and severe throat infection. Infact still we are on anti-biotics.

During the holidays we decided to do our weekend marketing at the newly opened Geant Easy Supermarket at Egalia. Its easy to find the supermarket as its behind Al-Bairaq mall.GĂ©ant Easy supermarket is located at Al-Liwan Mall in Egalia but this is a new mall,some of the work of the building(specially the entrance and back-side is yet to be completed). Since every one knows Al-Bairaq Mall, its easy to locate Geant if you refer to Al-Bairq Mll.

I didn't expect the new Geant Easy Supermarket to be so spacious. You will find wide variety of products, including groceries, frozen foods, bakery products, butchery, fish, home linen, household items, household accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, electronics and mobiles. Though you will find variety of meat but I was not happy with the collection.I felt they need to include more.
Anyway, it was nice shopping at Geant Easy Supermarket and we felt happy that such a spacious supermarket is there near our house.

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