Monday, March 12, 2012

Wafra:Refreshingly Fresh,Kuwait(2)

Now the question is how to reach Wafra?
On 30 go south. Pass exit No 285 and take the 1st right turn after the exit. This road is call the “Farm Road”. Drive around 10-12kms to reach the farms. You will see 100’s and 100’s of them…..

How is the road?
The highway road to Wafra farms is deserted. It’s desert on both side of the road.

What you will see as you will drive?
You will see on the deserts lot of tents and people enjoying. You will also get to see camels moving around. But what surprised us was that we saw lot of dead sheep’s covered in the sand of the deserts. It’s not just 1 or 2.You will get to see many of them on both side of the road. Did they die accidently or killed purposely….a question that still haunts me.

How will you know that you have reached the Wafra Farms?

The scenery will change from desert on both side of the road to greenery. You will be surprise that in the middle of the desert you will get to see lot of greenery. You will see lines of private farms with green-houses and farm houses. 

Most of the owners have a villa built in one corner of the campus/ farm area where he goes with his family to stay during weekends or holidays. Entrances of some villas are too beautiful to describe in words.

Here are few pictures of some farm-houses….

As we drove through the area we saw sign-boards but all of them were in Arabic so we didn’t understand anything. I think for some important landmarks, English should also be used. There are very few farms , like this one……..

Where you will get to read the name of the farm in English.

Also you will see picnic areas and privately owned entertainment places with children’s bouncy castles, buggy rides, camel/horse/pony/donkey rides and green houses to tour.

In fact we saw lot of Kuwaiti children enjoying horse rides…..

How to visit one of the farms?

You will see security or farmers working in the farms. Just ask them if you can go inside and have a look. If the Kuwaiti family is inside enjoying holiday, then you won’t be allowed inside. But you need not worry or feel sad, as there are 100’s of farms. You can get the opportunity to visit one of them. We purposely ignored farms where we saw Kuwaiti children playing and lot of cars parked. We drove around the area first, enjoyed our drive and then looked out for farms where we can have a tour.  

What more you will get to see in the farms?
Sheeps, camels, horses, hens, goats are reared in the farms.

Where are the vegetables taken from the farms?

During our earlier visits, we did not get to see what we saw this time. The vegetables are picked and packed in boxes and taken to the vegetable markets (Alforda and Suwaikh) to be sold.
Farmers were making boxes, filling them with vegetables (tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber).

You will get to see lot of wooden boxes and paper boxes lying around. 

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