Tuesday, March 06, 2012

2012 Kuwait National n Liberaion Day was a Unique Experience

Every year during National and Liberation Day, we go out and be part of the festivity. But slowly it was becoming a havoc as lot of sprays were used. But this year it was different. I have found that Kuwaitis are very law abiding citizens. Use of spray foams was made illegal by cabinet decision and individual using aerosol spray foam was to be fined KD 50, regardless of the age.Hawkers selling them also was to be fined up to KD 250 while the penalty ranges between KD 300 and KD 500 for shops and markets. This time as we moved around Gulf Road, Ahmadi,Kuwait City, we did not find a a single person using spray . Infact we found kids and adults very happily using water guns on passer-byes.It was nice to see and be part of the festivity.

 I took pictures from my car as they were throwing water on our car from their water-guns.

Kids asking us to open our glass indicating that they don't have water in their guns

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