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Visit to Kuwait Flight Simulation Center

We visited the Kuwait Flight Simulation Center long back (Aug, last year), but had not updated in my blog.Everyday, I think of writing about it but something or the other keeps it postponing. Its in the Discovery Mall, Kuwait City, near Ice Skating Rink.
The Kuwait Flight Simulation Center is the largest and "first" of its kind in the world. 

Now, what is Kuwait Flight Simulation Center?
Simply put, it is the best flight simulation experience in the world.
1) 11 Simulators
2) Pilot Shop
3) Training Center
4) ATC Control Tower
5) Hobbycraft Shop
6)First Lounge Cafe

All in one place.......

What simulators are there?
1) Boeing 737
2) Boeing 747
3) Boeing 777
4) Airbus Pro 320
5) Airbus 321
6) Airbus 330
7) MD-11
8) Cessna 172
9) F-18
10) F-16
11) Helicopter

For Beginner Pilots....
For beginner pilots, you can do both classroom courses in basic navigation, radio communications or flight planning. Then you can hop in their Cessna 172 and do practically what you have just learned in the classroom.

For Professional Pilots....
For professional pilots, they offer simulations that can help keep your skills honed and current. With trained instructors available, they can design any scenario  you would like to rehearse. Engine out, landing gear not engaging, bad weather, or any other scenario you would like to challenge.

If You Just Want to Fly for Fun.....
Strap yourself into one of their Dreamflyers configured as an F-16 or F-18 and take off from aircraft carriers, fly combat missions or get into a Dogfight with a MIG30.

What is the Pilot Shop?
Everything you need from Pro Headsets, Kneeboards, Navigation Equipment and all the gear and software you need to create your flight simulation experience at home.

HobbyCraft Shop
There's no better place for hobby craft supplies in Kuwait. Get inspired by hundreds of different aircraft's, ships,buildings and many other models. Whether you are obsessed with this hobby or you are looking for a unique gift,just step right in, and you got it.

First Lounge Cafe
Have a refreshing drink and quick snack or dessert while waiting for your flight in an elegant and cozy atmosphere.

How much does it cost?
Simulators are booked at one hour intervals, ranging from 10 to 35 KD/ hr.Instructors are also available to assist you in flight.Classes vary from being free to comprehensive"Ground school" pre-courses upto 120KD.
Discounts are available for frequent users and special promotional events.

How do I reserve sometime or classes?
You can book online at or you can come by the center in person and reserve your flight times or classes.
Class reservation is required on week in advance of the scheduled class.

Address: Kuwait City, Alsour Street
               Next to Ice Skating Rink, Discovery Mall, Basement

Tel : 22913700 /01

E-Mail :

Try it once....For us it was an offbeat and unparalleled experience. 

For more information you could visit their website HERE or Facebook page  HERE

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