Saturday, April 07, 2012

Visa Woes,Q8

Visa For Expats’ Parents Suspended
Director of Hawalli Immigration Department Brigadier Talal Marafie said many expatriates are unaware that issuance of family visa to enable parents to join their children in Kuwait has been suspended because many of them visit the country for medical treatment, reports Al-Rai daily.

In an interview on Al-Rai TV, Brigadier Marafie said the Interior Ministry has been carrying out a study regarding parents of expatriates visiting Kuwait on family visit visa. He hinted that this will happen only after the health insurance fee is raised in cooperation with private hospitals to reduce pressure on public hospitals.

He also said that the ministry has reached an agreement with the Arbitrary Department at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor that in situations where an expatriate has a dispute with his sponsor, a letter will be issued to the expatriate indicating his dispute with the sponsor. The immigration department will then issue three months temporary residency to the expatriate under the name of the sponsor. He said this decision will help the victimized expatriate to avoid violation of immigration law until the dispute is settled.

What if husband dies who is the sponsorer?
He explained that in cases where the husband dies and the widow is working in Kuwait, the immigration department can transfer the residency visa of wife and children. He added that their residency visas can also be transferred to any working child from the family or a temporary visa can be issued to the widow for her to secure a job and later sponsor her children as orphans. 

He also said a resident father above 60 years of age can be sponsored by any of the working children on family visa, but children and wife should possess residency visa. 

In case the man has lost the wife to death or divorce, he should present death or divorce certificate, including court ruling that gives him the right of custody of children.

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