Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Falcon Beauty Contest,Q8

KUWAIT:  Five winners were crowned yesterday at a falcon beauty contest featuring breeders from Kuwait and Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC) countries. The event was held as part of the ongoing Popular Heritage Festival.
Sheikh Dhari Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, Head of the Festival’s Supreme Committees, announced Mohammad Al-Flasi from the United Arab Emirates as the first place winner, followed by Nasser Al-Azmi from Kuwait, Abdullah Al-Dousari from Kuwait, Sultan Al-Athbi from Qatar and Mohammad Al-Bueneen from Saudi Arabia.
Multiple cultural activities from the Gulf region, including camel beauty contests, are held during the Festival organized between March 1 to 24. Sheikh Sabah Fahad Al-Nasser Al-Sabah, Head of the organizing committee, announced that successful competitions were held in categories divided along 30-camel herd, 50-camel herd and individual lines, featuring strong participation of camel breeders from the GCC region. Each category was further divided into subdivisions based on camels’ color.
On Saturday,  a 400 meter falcon race competition was held in which 60 falcon breeders from Kuwait took part. Fahad Al-Ajmi was announced winner of the tournament after his falcon finished first within a record time of 21.9 seconds. Saud Al-Ajmi’s falcon was second place winner, following closely at 22.3 seconds.
The festival’s fishing tournament also began on Saturday at the Fishermen’s Diwaniya in Al-Fintas, with participants also allowed to contest from Al-Samiya and Al-Wuttiya. Thirty winners will be announced on March 22, with 10 contestants from each diwaniya.

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