Thursday, April 26, 2012

Barbecue on public beaches; fine raised to 1000 KD,Q8

Persons who barbecue at public locations, which are not permitted for the same, will be fined KD 1,000, the Director-General of Kuwait Municipality warned on Wednesday.

Ahmad Al-Sebeeh, in a statement to news agency, indicated that the authority, after realizing that some citizens and residents do not abide by public cleanliness laws because of soft penalties, decided to increase the fine for such a violation from KD 100 to KD 1,000.

There are specific locations for barbecuing in 144 public parks, he said, stressing that grilling is restricted to these places.

Municipal teams will monitor such violations, he re-stressed, urging the nationals and expatriates to abstain from inflicting damage on public properties, such as the seaside green spots, with such random barbecuing, dumping of ashes on plants and littering.
Beautification of the public spots costs the State millions of dinars for entertainment and well-being of the people, thus these properties must not be target of such harmful acts and conducts.

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