Friday, April 06, 2012

Visit to Amghara:Kuwait's favorite scrap yard.

If you want a good bargain on spare parts  of your car, you need to go to Amghara.

While returning from SUBIYA, when we saw a sign board showing the way to AMGHARA, we decided to visit it. Did hear a lot about it , so thought better to have a look at it our self.

Car spare parts are typically expensive or hard to find. But in Kuwait you can get them free or for a low price if you are willing to go a bit out of the way. You can find almost anything in Kuwait's favorite scrap yard.

We were shocked to find huge pile of scrap of cars in different areas . Every where you go, you will find huge heap of scrap.....of cars...bus's... yachts trucks....from manhole covers to scrap from worn-out or damaged vehicles. Things are mostly second hand, parts taken from old cars and vehicles that can never be repaired. The only choice to sell such old cars is to chop them and sell out the parts.There were hundreds of old cars, bus's, vans lying around along with piles of scraps.
If you are trying to save money, it's your place to shop for spare parts but if you are not an expert on spare parts/have no knowledge then better take someone who knows about it well.

Amghara is located in the northern part of Kuwait City-about-25 kilometers away and approximately 5-7  kilometers to the south of Jarah City. 

The place is not well-organized so looking for something could take a few hours. In addition, Amghara visitors should be ready to face dusty and rough roads.And remember we found it secluded.

Have a look at the pictures, you will understand better....

See the scrap of old cars

huge heap of scrap

Old unused water tanks

Unused vehicles used while constructing roads

huge heap of scrap

Water tanks



Old yacht's....100's of them

Metal n Recycling Company

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