Monday, April 09, 2012

Al Sadu Website Q8

Al Sadu weaving is an embroidery form in geometrical shapes hand woven by Bedouin people. This traditional art form was developed by the nomadic Bedouins over centuries, and was facing extinction because of modernization. To protect this traditional art form of hand weaving with dyed, spun and colored wool, the Al-Sadu Society was formed in 1979.In addition to reviving the ethnic art of hand weaving, they also contributed a lot to protect the Bedouin community. As a result of the society's efforts, the Sadu House came up in 1980. Towards 1984 end, the Sadu House had registered 300 Bedouin women and they are producing about seventy different items every week. 

The Al Sadu House which protect the interests of the Bedouins and their ethnic handicrafts is a unique tourist attraction of Kuwait and is located close to the National Museum. 


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