Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekend's in Q8(3)

The Eid holidays are over and now all is back to normal routine from tomorrow. Getting up at 5.30am, making breakfast, tiffin for Jeet etc etc. They got five days holidays and we tried to make use of it the most. Apart from the invitations from Muslim friends for lunch and dinner, few Assamese friends too invited us. So we had been eating a lot and when we got few free time we went out exploring Kuwait as usual and attended few Eid Carnival’s or Mela’s( what we can in India). These carnivals are fun to visit and Mehr just loved it.

Once we drove to Firdous where one of Jeet’s Kuwait friend lives. It’s a Kuwaiti area with lot of nice big new and old villa’s. From there we drove to Jleeb Al Shuwaik and to Abbasia( neighbourhood area’s). Both the area’s are full with Indians and Bangladeshi people. Infact shops of most of the shops and supermarkets have Indian names. In Jleeb Al Shuwaik, the roads are narrow, apartments very near to each other, saw lot of bachelors moving around. Abbasiya we saw lot of Indians and felt the area little better then Jleeb Al Shuwaik, though both the area’s are cramped.

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