Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Arabic Food

As we move around exploring Kuwait and enjoying the Eid carnivals and celebrations, we purchased Arabic snacks and juices, had it in our car before driving to our next destination.

So you thought Arabic cuisine began and ended with Hummous, think again. Arabic cuisine is rich and diverse and to a large extent uses dates, wheat, barley, rice and meats. There’s a ton of wonderful delights to try and enjoy. The food is fresh, not too heavily spiced and generally delicious.

Famous Arabic snacks/ delights are Shawarma (a wrap of any shaved meat or a halal mixture of meats), Ful Medamas (a breakfast delicacy made from fava beans), Shish Kebab, Maqluba (a rice and egg-plant casserole), Couscous (made from semolina or hard wheat), Dolma (a stuffed vegetable dish), Lahm Ba'ajeen (a pizza lookalike), Manakish (also a pizza lookalike), Kabsa (a rice preparation), Kebbeh (made from a cereal called Burgul and chopped meat), Ma'amoul (pastries with dry food fillings), Matboha (a spicy salad made from tomatoes and bell peppers), Baba Ghanoush (an eggplant dish), Hummus, shahan Ful (an accompaniment made from fava beans), Basbousa (a sweetmeat made from semolina), Labneh (strained yoghurt), Ka'ak (Arabic versions of cake), Baklawa (pastries0, Luqmat al-qadi (pastries), Qatayef (crepes), Shish taouk (a kebab), Toum (a garlic sauce), Fattoush (a salad made from bread), Sambusak (Arabic samosas), Falafel and Kleicha (cookies).

Try them out...will surely enjoy the Arabic food.

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