Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back to School Q8

'Back to School' shopping in Kuwait, is one of the biggest shopping period of the year with parents spending hundreds, even thousands for school clothes, equipment and stationary. When schools reopen across Kuwait after the summer holidays, parents get busy with the preparations that go along with this annual event, such as buying stationery and other supplies for the coming term.

I liked two of my students bag's and wanted to buy to carry Mehr's things. When I asked them they said, "Ma'm you will get it during Back to School period." I was little confused because though I have been living here for the last three years I never gave much significance to the period. But now that I will be sending my princess to play-school soon, I have started  looking for bags, tiffins, water bottles etc. And wherever I go from big malls to small shops, all have the section "Back to School" where they sell all types of school bags, stationaries, copies etc. I thought they give discount during this period but prices seem to increase day-by-day.


onlooker said...

hi!! nice to come across your blog! we might have something in common! can well relate to this period, where you see hoards and hoards of stationary items, where ure so tempted to fill your cart with them!

PARIMITA said...

Thanx Onlooker. Your blog is really nice....well written and fantastic pic's