Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eid Celebration Q8

Kuwait is a Muslim country and so Eid is celebrated with lot of pomp and activities. During Eid, we go to different areas to check out the celebrations. For the last three years we had been doing so and this time was no different. But the best part was Mehr was with us this time.

There are lot of Eid carnivals or mela’s {as we call in India} that are held. During Eid, which ever area you go it becomes very difficult to park your car. You can hardly find a place and it appears that the entire Kuwait( citizens and expatriate) is out enjoying. I wanted to buy a sunglass for Mehr from Mothercare and so went to Al Bairaq Mall. Though I couldnot get the sunglass (stock over….the saleswoman said there is lot of sale) , we ended up watching magic show. Infact when we entered there was Arabic music been played and after sometime we saw a magician performing tricks. Both Mehr and ourselves enjoyed the show. We couldn’t stay till the end as we had to go to Mastanji’s house for Eid dinner.
Magic Show

Next day while going to Anupam da’s house for dinner, we saw lot of activities, people and cars parked in Kuwait Magic mall. We couldn’t visit it that day but visited the next day. An Eid carnival was held and lot of people were enjoying it. Lot of games, food stall, toy shops were there. Just enjoyed the ambience.

We also went to 360 Mall and stumbled upon Zain‘s Eid Spectacular. The event included: Face painting, Caricature drawing, Clown Shows, Games and Prizes and Dressed-up entertainers walking around.

We planned to go to Al Kout or Al Manshar Mall but couldnot get a place to park our car. For nearly an hour we moved around and ultimately when we couldnot find a parking place we moved to Ajiwal Mall. We took Mehr to Future Kids where she played some games and enjoyed. There were lot of children along with their parents enjoying. We moved around Fahaheel , ate swarma and returned.

As we went to Lulu Hypermarket @ Qurain we met dress up entertainers( in Disney characters) and they were also distributing choclates.

We even went to Kuwait city. Though every nook and corner of the country has a celebratory mood, but the best place to experience the traditional atmosphere of Ramadan in Kuwait, is in the old souks of Mubarakiya in Kuwait city. It’s a unique experience to move in the narrow lanes of the souks and be part of hundreds of shoppers that throng the narrow lanes.

On our way, we came across Kuwait City’s Centrepoint and decided to stop and have a look. Here purchased Mehr’s sunglass (of her choice)..…now-a-days kids have their own choices even at such tender age.