Sunday, September 19, 2010

Change in weather inspires outdoor activities Q8

A little while ago it was impossible to find people walking the streets of Kuwait or sitting outside at a cafe. Nowadays though people are participating in such activities, especially at the seaside cafes of Marina mall or on street cafes in Salmiya. In the evenings there are no more comments about the extremely hot and humid weather, the comments have changed dramatically.

This is something a person should seriously consider when living in a country like Kuwait, where the weather is extremely hot for eight months of the year. Now is a good time for those who enjoy participating in outdoor, evening activities, before it gets too cold. Those who enjoy fishing can practice their hobby without being too worried about the weather.

Amir Fakhreddine, a regular cafe attendee, expressed his pleasure and surprise with the sudden change in weather. "It's rare to find such weather in Kuwait," he said. He and his friends can now enjoy outdoor activities. "We missed sitting outside," he said, describing indoor cafes and restaurants as being too crowded and smoky.He explained that he and his friends have changed their activities so that they can take advantage of the weather. They eat late now so that they can sit outside by the beach in the fresh air. He added that he and his friends often go fishing without complaining too much about the weather.
Nasser Massoud has changed his activities from going to the mall to play pool or eat at restaurants to going on picnics by the sea. "It is amazing weather, suitable for outdoor activities," he said. "People have stopped going to the Aqua Park and have started visiting Shaab Garden," he said.He pointed out that families are less likely to go to the Aqua Park now that the weather is too cold for water slides. Parents prefer to take their children to Shaab Garden for the entertaining outdoor activities there.

It is just the beginning of Kuwait's yearly weather transformation. This change in weather could be an inspiring new start for a country that was somehow paralyzed during the dry summer months.
Kuwait Times

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