Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oxygen Bar Q8

Oxygen Bars started in Japan in the 1990's and spread to America where their popularity attracted global curiosity about what exactly an oxygen bar is and what it does.

Today Kuwait has its first oxygen bar located in the country's high-end salon,NSTYLE.

The way it works is that useres basically sit on a padded stool  faced with a contraption that looks something like an oversized,multicoloured respirator,and they then insert into their nostrils a personal breathing hose which extends from the bar's oxygen tubes.The bar is built to hold four separate tubes comprised of concentrated oxygen which comes in various flavours. One of the flavours,Tranquility is meant to relax the user's nerves;Zen stimulate the system,Purity cleanses it and Calming, the last choice on the menu is meant to relieve emotional stress.

The use of Oxygen Bar is meant to make clients feel more energized,uplifted and relieved of headaches and other common results of stress manifestation.
My friend who visited it was totally relaxed after using it. Actually she had gone for a hair cut and while waiting for her turn she decided to give it a try. Hope to visit it myself very soon.
(Inputs from a friend n Bazaar)

Nstyle is located in Al Bustan Complex on Salim AL Mubarak Street in Salmiya. For more info can call 25719050

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