Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekends in Q8(4)

Just like any normal weekend, we started our weekend exploring. We have explored many areas of Kuwait for the last three years but every weekend we feel there is lot to know about the various areas of Kuwait.

We are enjoying doing our weekly marketing at the various co-operatives in Kuwait and since I am inviting few friends for lunch on Saturday, we decided to go to Salwa co-operative. A Kuwaiti area, with lot of lovely villas. But one thing I have noticed about the villas is that they are quite big, two-three storied like a small apartment. No doubt they are just too attractive. As I did not get much of the things I wanted in the co-operative, we decided to go to a different area. The Salwa co-operative is not that big nor is their vegetable and frozen section that strong. But there are lot of eateries, play area, book shops, pastery shop, watch shop, perfume shop and mothercare in the building and Salwa Mall is next to the co-operative.

We wanted to go to Shamieh- Shuwaikh co-operative as we have till now found it the best place to purchase vegetables, fruits, grocery items, chicken etc. Jeet loves to try out new roads and he took a different road to this co-operative. We felt we have taken a wrong road, but we enjoyed driving through the area. The villas of the areas are too big, beautiful, lovely to describe in words. They appeared to me like a Hindi-movie set where we have v. big houses with lot of statues and fountains. The balcony area of most of the houses has beautiful designer lights. I just wanted to stop and take few pictures but Jeet didn’t allow as people might misunderstand us. We at last came to the co-operative of the area and it is Dahiat Abdullah Al Salem and Al Mansourieh Co-operative society. A not so big co-operative but the frozen and fresh “chicken” section of the co-operative is quite strong. We purchased few fresh chickens and moved to Shamieh-Shuwaikh co-opeartive.

Both these two co-operatives are not very far from each other and are near Kuwait city. In Shamieh –Shuwaikh co-operative we did our marketing and returned home.

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