Friday, February 10, 2012

Sand Art

Whenever you visit Middle East, be it Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt or any other place in Middle East, among lot of souvenir's you will find one souvenir common among all of them. Its the sand art or sand bottles.

Sand art is a popular souvenir handicraft item in Middle East.Local sand is dyed and skillfully poured into glass bottles of all shapes and sizes to create illustrations of local landscapes, wildlife, or words and sayings. You may even have your name etched in sand for a lasting reminder of your visit.

Sand art is the creation of different colored particles of sand in a bottle. These creations are absolutely stunning to say the least. And, the amount of time it takes as well as the amount of passion that goes into making these pieces of art is incredible. If you get a chance to watch something like this, take the time to sit down and really pay attention because chances are you're going to be pretty amazed at the end product.There are a few different variations of sand art, but the one I want you to take a look at is the ones that are done in decorative bottles.
The people that specialize in making this sort of sand art have perfected their skills; they know exactly how to "draw" in the sand so that certain objects appear such as mountains, sunsets, or animals, as well as which colors to mix and where they should place the sand. The only tool used in this art is a funnel. 
Have a look at the pictures that I took in Petra,Jordan.....


Richell Green said...

Hi Parimita,

Would you know where I could get one of these sand bottles in Kuwait?

PARIMITA said...

HI Richell

you will get this everywhere in middle east. The pictures are of Jordan but I found them in Dubai, Egypt, Muscat and even here in Kuwait