Friday, February 10, 2012

JORDAN SOUVENIR - where to buy and price

Its always a great help to know about or have some idea about the souvenir's of the place we are going to spend our vacation. Its easy to bargain.

Shopping in Jordan is a learning experience. There is so many variety of souvenir's that you will be puzzled and perplexed.

We had no idea about the prices of souvenir's when we went to Jordan. But a friend told us that he found Aqaba a cheap place to buy souvenir's. But I differ in this. According to my personal experience, PETRA  is the best place. You will find lot of variety and prices are even cheaper. Before our trip to Petra, we tour'd Amman, Madaba and Mt.Nebo. We purchased few items there but later after we reached Petra and went shopping we found prices of souvenir's cheaper in Petra. 

Fridge Magnet
Fridge Magnet of this quality will cost you 1.5-2JD in Petra
But more in Amman

If you buy at Mt.Nebo, it will cost you 1JD, otherwise more

I paid 1.5JD in Petra, other places more

The fridge magnets that I purchased from Amman, I paid 2-3JD
But in Petra and Mt Nebo I paid 1-1.5JD each

Key Chains:  Will cost you 2JD

Decorated Sand Bottles: 

A very small bottle will cost you 2 or even1JD
Bigger will 10-25JD according to size.

Show piece( Like the Indian Dhol):
Will cost you 7JD

Wall Hanging:

Small Display cups/ glass:

For a set of 4, I paid 4JD i.e 1JD each.
I think I got at cheaper rate, because most of the shops were asking for 8-10 JD for a set of 4 cups/glass.

Display Plates:
Never buy at Amman  or Mt will have to pay much more then in Petra

The cups will cost 5-7JD

Display plates will cost between 1.5-2JD( For small ones ) and price will vary according to size.Medium will cost you 3-4JD, bigger will cost between 6-7JD in PETRA
Other places more

But for plates of this quality you will have to nearly 100-150JD(a/c to size)

For purses something between 150-180JD

Display Item/ Show piece:
10-12 JD they will say but sell in 8JD
But you will get in 5-6JD also but quality is poor

Wooden Carved Boxes:

Price according to size....12-35JD

Painting on Ostrich Eggs:
They are very costly. One egg needs months to complete painting(hand painted) and very minute, intricate designs on them

Will cost you 200-250JD according to design

Silver Items:
Are also very costly as souvenir's. If you want to buy, then be ready to pay more then 150. We found items of 800-900JD. 

A small one will cost you 100JD

Finger Rings:

The best place to buy is at Madaba, the place of its origin. You will find lot of handicraft center's there and you can buy from any one of them. The best thing is that you will get variety. 
In other places there isn't much variety, and you have to select among 2-3 designs which is common in all other places. Mosaic items will start from 45JD till....... 1000JD, according to size/ design

Another Costly Souvenir:
Be ready to pay more then 500JD


There are many different kinds of jewellery available, from the beadwork done by the women and children of the bedouin, to marcasite silver - very popular and very attractive. 
If you love ornaments, then Jordan is a nice place to buy few of them. Prices are not much. But you will get them at a much cheaper rate 1-2JD(beadwork ornaments)in the Petra site( i am not talking of Petra market area)

Painted Pots:
Will cost you 35-50JD(A/C TO SIZE)

When traveling to new countries, the tendency is to buy souvenirs for friends, family and, of course, yourself. 
In JORDAN, you will find so many beautiful and attractive items, you will feel like buying all of them 

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