Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy 2nd Anniversary To My Blog

It was two years ago that I had set foot on the blogosphere and how time pass's is really amusing. Me and my blog has seen lot of ups and downs and there are moments when I did ignore my blog. But then it is a part of ME, my own space where I am free to do anything(of course, I cannot and should not ignore it) . It is something I cherish ....a space I would like to share my travel experiences.
We have started our journey together....its new, just 2years old but I am sure we will travel together for years.

I started my blog as a surprise gift to my dear hubby. He is a very inspiring person, always inspiring me to do something productive and developmental though I am a stay-at-home wife.He has always inspired me to write my travel experiences and often told me about starting a blog. But Mehr been too small then, though I had been planning nothing could be done.

It would be wrong if I don't thank Ju, my sis who is another person who inspired me to transform my dream into a reality .

A BIG "THANK YOU" Jeet and Ju for inspiring and motivating me to transform my dream into a realtiy. 

And  A very Happy Anniversary to my Blog.  


April said...

I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I've lived here for over a year now, and have found that your blog truly is about "Your experiences". You actually go out and visit places then blog about it, and that's what is sooo helpful, instead of just a list restaurants with prices and timings, you give actual reviews. Your info on all of the museums has been super helpful, and I just wanted to thank you!

PARIMITA said...

Thanx April. Comments like yours encourage me to blog more and happy to know that its helpful to you in exploring Kuwait.