Thursday, February 09, 2012

DAMAS announces Valentine’s Day specials,2012,Kuwait

DAMAS too has unveiled their Valentine’s Day celebration collections. Though compared to JOYALUKKAS there isn't much variety this time, still the two heart and key shape pendants are very svelte, attractive and appealing......a perfect gift for your wife or daughter.

Damas launches 2 new limited edition pendants! The beautiful pendants are specially designed with the theme “key to your heart”, guaranteed to sparkle above the rest with a lot of meaning attached to them. The pieces are romantic and reflect the magic, intrigue and allure of true love.

Kiku Pearl Key Pendant

·        The small heart engraved on the pearl with diamonds symbolizes the depth of the love shared between two people.
·         The train of diamonds on the stem of the key indicates their love will grow in time.
·         Fixed price at KD 113
·         Diamond weight: 0.13cts

Diamond Pendant

·         The outer heart set with diamonds indicates the love and protection of two people.
·         As long as they stay together, their hearts bonded and their love grows with time.
·         Fixed price at KD 121
·         Diamond weight: 0.13cts

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