Saturday, February 18, 2012

12th Annual International Camel Race in Kuwait

Sometimes I appreciate, my hubby's reading 10 newspapers everyday(on net) to be a boon, and of course it irritates me to no extend sometimes when he remains glue to his computer whenever he is free.

But the news he gave me few days ago  about the international camel race in Kuwait excited us both. We at once decided to visit it. We had never visited the Camel Racing Club but then as usual knew we will be able to find it out. We did visit Kabd once, and we knew it is some where in Kabd. Since we had visited the area once, it didn't worry us much.

 On our way, we looked for sign-boards of "International Camel Race" or any picture and it helped us to reach our destination. We noticed the display of flags of many nations in one of the roads, and thought it must be the road leading to the race court. We were right.... We did found out the Camel Racing Club and a Bangladeshi care-taker took us around the place. A Big-Thank You to him.
We read that now-a-days, robots are used instead of child jockeys in camel races, but to experience such a race is once-in-a-life time experience.

The just concluded 12th Annual International Camel Race in Kabd,Kuwait(12 Feb-16Feb'2012)had around 500 participants where robots were the jockeys. The tiny ''riders'' powered by remote control as the camels' owners race alongside in their jeeps or SUV's.
The robot jockeys are complete with little jockey outfits and hats, and their remote controlled whips slap away at the camels as the owners pursue one of 65 Toyota LandCruiser prizes. The 6km race was part of a five-day tournament that had around 500 participants this year.
According to organizers, camel jockeys were replaced by robots in 2005 due to international pressure because camel owners were found to be involved in human trafficking, buying children from countries like Pakistan and India to use as jockeys.
After the ban of human jockeys, robots took over the race: the robots handle the whip, but the mechanical jockeys are remotely controlled by their owners that follow the race trackside in their jeeps.
It was quite a experience to enjoy such a competition.
So, what are your thoughts about these robotic-jockeys and their steeds?

The participation of delegations of 16 Arab and foreign countries in the 12th International Camel Race proved its success.

Chairman and Director-General of the Public Authority for Youth and Sports (PAYS) Faisal Al-Jazzaf, speaking to reporters, expressed his happiness at His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah's patronage to the championship.

Al-Jazzaf who is also the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the championship said they have allocated valuable prizes for the winners; including 65 cars, in addition to cash prizes for the winners of the first 10 places.

Furthermore, he expressed his pleasure for the increase of the number of participants in this year's championship.

For the 12th consective year, Kuwait Camel Racing Club and PAYS have managed to make Kuwait a destination to such sport.


magichands said...

I really were finding about the camel race around two years... going through web sites and blogs... all the best web sites and blogs were say about the races but the timing were not proper and some phone numbers i got while search.. but that was not worth...i believe in the coming year your travel experience will help me lot for being there in the camel racing place.thanks a lot for the detailed blog. the first year i dint find so much but this year i hardly find to reach there. and i reached there as non proper time. around April 2012. where all the races are finish.
by shamon

PARIMITA said...

Shamon, this place you need to visit during the races. You are such a good photographer(saw yr photos in your blog)that you will enjoy taking pictures of camels and the races.

magichands said...

hai Parimitam, thanks for the appreciation. and also about the event. if u got any info on the race months,please leave me a message.thanks in advance.

PARIMITA said...

Shamon, check my post

to know when the camel races starts.