Monday, February 20, 2012

Kurdo-360 Mall Kuwait

The other day,while returning from "Kuwait Camel Racing Club", Jeet was totally tired and wanted to have a drink....he preferred tea. So we decided to stop at 360 Mall as Mehr too was feeling hungry. We thought of eating at Kurdo( as we have not tried it out) and ordered 3 Shawarma's(for all 3 of us) and juice for Mehr. From the next joint we ordered tea,coffee and cookies.

In our few years stay in Kuwait, we had shawarma's from all the possible joints. But I can tell you one thing,kurdo's shawarma is the best by far.The price was little more(750 fills for 1 chicken shawarma) which is mainly 250-300fills in most food joints. But the packing was awesome.

However their menu is elaborate.You can choose from salad, appetizers,saj sandwich,kids meal,meal,jumbo meal,variety of meal,piza,shish kebab,liver chicken,taliani sandwich,juices, fruit pieces,drinks and cocktail.

Kurdo has 10 branch's all over Kuwait. You can visit Kurdo restaurant in the following places.....

1) Salem Al Mubarak Street (1)
2) Salem Al Mubarak Street (2)
3)Salmiya: Amro Bin Alaa's Street
4)Salmiya: Plajat Street
5)360 Mall
6)Geant Hypermarket-360 Mall
7)Carrefour-The Avenues
8) Al Yarmouk Co-Op Society
9)Al Kout Mall
10)Marina Mall

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