Monday, February 20, 2012

List of Shopping Carnival/Exhibition at Mishref International Fair Ground,Kuwait

The following is a list of shopping carnival's / exhibition's at Mishref International Fair Ground. Its fun to be there. We just love to move around when we don't have anything specific and see items from all over the world.

Do try to visit it and I am sure you would love to visit it again and again.

I have already written about it in my earlier post. Check out the links

The following is the list for the year 2012.............

Spring Consumer Festival

Date: 23-FEB-12 to 03-MAR-12
Spring Consumer Festival is one of the biggest and most profitable consumer show in Kuwait. The exhibition offer a perfect platform to showcase all household products like- home accessories, design and lifestyle articles, tableware and kitchen accessories, office and stationery goods, handicraft supplies. The event is being organized by Kuwait International Fair.

Specialized Watches Exhibition

Date: 21-MAR-12 to 31-MAR-12
In Specialized Watches Exhibition you can meet with a new group of Kuwait manufacturers that deliver export-quality gift and home products at competitive prices- most of these exhibitors don't appear at other trade shows.

Gifts Exhibition

Date: 29-MAR-12 to 07-APR-12
Gifts Exhibition is a dedicated event showcasing the finest in giftware and homeware products from all over the world. 

Summer Carnival

Date: 18-JUN-12 to 30-JUN-12
Summer Carnival will be a good opportunity to gauge the potential of the Kuwait market for overseas companies, and for their domestic counterparts, the best way to promote themselves. Summer Carnival is for all kinds of consumer goods. This event will be held Seventeen days from 18 Jun to 30 Jun, 2012 at Kuwait International Fair Ground in the Kuwait.

Winter Fashion Fair

Date: 20-DEC-12 to 29-DEC-12
Winter Fashion Fair is one of the biggest exhibition in Kuwait which will showcase products like:- gifts, home accessories, design and lifestyle articles, tableware and kitchen accessories, paper, office and stationery goods and much more. The event will be talking place at the Kuwait International Fair Ground between 20 to 29 Dec 2012.

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