Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Visit to WAFRA: A Nightmare

We have visited sooo many times and had taken sooo many pictures of Wafra farms.Infact I always carry my camera whernever I go out.

But last weekend a friend took his family(wife and mom) for a visit. On the way they took pic of a oil rig and some army tankers.They  didn't think much and reached Wafra, took more pic's, purchased some vegetables and chicken. A Kuwaiti police officer approached them, took their camera and took all of them to the police station. Even their mobile and civil id was taken.They were confused as to what was happening. The officer told them that they had taken pic of oil rig and American tankers (which is not allowed/prohibited in Kuwait).They said they were sorry and didn't know that it was prohibited. But still they were kept in the police station from 6-9.30pm, untill the American soldiers came and after taking to them they were allowed to return home with a warning.

Thank god they were allowed to return as they left their kids home.

Anyway its a lesson to be learnt....I need to be very careful while taking pictures now.  

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