Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Salem Al-Mubarak street,Salmiya,Kuwait

"Salem Al-Mubarak Street"-this is that part of Kuwait,which we very often visited when we first landed in Kuwait. No, its not near my house....infact quite far. But we just loved the ambience and aura of the place. We didn't have a car then  but we took a taxi. I must admit, having a car was not that important ....it did never stopped us from exploring Kuwait. Its easy to get a taxi from Abu Halifa to Salmiya's Salem Al-Mubarak Street but when we returned (it was usually late) it becomes difficult to get a taxi, as taxi drivers don't want to come to Abu Halifa so late as they don't get  customers and we had to pay both side fare which was expensive. But still all such petite things don't matter for us when it comes to enjoying the weekend.

But things changed after the birth of my daughter. For few years we just didn't roam about on weekends but now that she is growing and enjoys, we have started our exploration.

Last weekend we visited the Salem Al-Mubarak Street (had visited after a long time) and it brought back memories of our in-numerous visits.The Salem Al-Mubarak Street shopping districts, commonly known as Salmiya Center is one of the oldest and largest shopping districts of Kuwait. It is a remnant of Kuwait's once numerous traditional souk bazaars, similar to the ones located in Jleeb Al Shuyoukh and Kuwait City.The entire street is full with malls (which I love to visit for window shopping). For those who love to shop at MAX,CENTER POINT, H n M, Mark N Spencer,NASSER Sports Center etc etc(in numerous shops)its the best place to go as all the shops are near-by.It is one perfect area in Kuwait to hang out with families and friends.Aside from the malls, there are numerous restaurants, ice-cream parlour, hooka cafe's, art galleries,photo shops, medicine shops,banks, sports centers,money exchange,grocery shops and many other types of stores.

We first thought of going to ZAFRAN for contemporary Indian food but later changed our minds and went for Italian food. 

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