Sunday, June 10, 2012

Q8 Expats Photography Club

Being more than half in population here, a platform was needed where expats can come and Share, Learn, Guide and Socialize with other fellow photographers. We are planning to give Workshops, Seminars, Presentations and everything else that could increase your photography skills. With no (to limited) night life and sources of fun, we guess this force will drive us and together we will build a better photography society. Therefore, we call upon all expats photographers here in the State of Kuwait to come and join hands with us. Of course, at the end, its not strictly about photography. Kindly contact Adil for further details at


Pressi said...

This looks the one I am looking forward. Since the time I came to Kuwait (just 3 months), looking for a photography club. Nothing good turned up. Hope this one works.

PARIMITA said...

Pressi saw the pic's of the get-together and the activities of the club,though I could not attend myself.Do be part of the club, I am sure you will learn and enjoy.