Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Arabic Roti's

Have you ever visited a co-operative in Kuwait? Do you love marketing there??
For us there is no fix shop where we do our weekly grocery marketing. We just love to drive and stop at any shop and try and buy our weekend grocery. Be it geant, luluhypermarket, bakalas, carefour, co-operatives,gulf mart ....there is no fix shop for us. We just drive to any area, explore the area , stop at the co-operative and buy our things.
We have visited almost all co-operatives  of Kuwait and we found one common feature. Just attached to a co-operative is a baker, who makes arabic rotis(you will find it with almost every co-operative). You will find lot of people waiting for their order.
We too purchased few times...while I am busy making some spicy chicken, my husband would go to the Abu Halifa co-operative area to buy those hot delicious arabic rotis.
If you have not tried then try once....

The above pic is of Fahaheel co-operative

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