Friday, June 29, 2012

Expat Female had her Feet Handcuffed, Head Split Open and was Beaten in Custody of Police,Q8

From the husband..

  "I am a UK citizen and am proud to live out here in Kuwait. I have met some wonderful, warm and remarkably talented people. The issue, for me, though, is the attitude of some in positions of power and control. My wife had been to an event watching the England vs Italy Euro 2012 game. She had been drinking wine - and this is illegal in Kuwait and I do not intend to argue that she wasn't in the wrong on this. What shocked me though was that, when stopped by police on the way home, her treatment was medieval in the extreme. Handcuffed by the ankles and dragged up the police station steps by her feet (splitting her head open and later requiring stitches), beaten so much that the doctor in the hospital insisted on taking detailed photo evidence. Her passport dissappeared in the police station and, bizarrely, her release was going to be conditional on supply of her passport.......

But we need to balance this by saying that this was the action of a few individuals. The desk officer when I arrived was a decent guy and the look of shame in his eyes was evident. The investigating officer was more concerned with not having the situation escalated - and I hope his internal investigations reflect the feeling of disgust he clearly felt with the treatment she had received in his care.

Not all people are good and not all are bad and we shouldn't paint a nation by a single brush stroke. My hope is that, those so called men who took pleasure in beating a defenseless woman, will look into themselves and their belief systems and realise that they are the reason Kuwait is ranked 76 (division 4) in the human rights league table - the same league as the Congo, Uganda etc.

But it will change, as evidenced by the Kuwaiti guy who arrived at the police station to secure her release. He paid the KD50 out of his own wallet and was offended when I insisted on re-embursing him. A truly decent individual and a glimmer of light for the future."

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