Sunday, January 08, 2012

What to Pack for Jordan?

This is what I suggest you to include while packing for your trip to Jordan from my experience:

1) Good walking shoes: You need to walk a it Petra or visiting any castles or Wadi Rum

2) Good sunscreen

3) Take a medicine kit( for fever, cold,stomach upset), in case you need it.It is always good to have your medicines ready then searching to buy in a foreign land.

4) Sun glass

5) Hat

6) Lip balm/Vaseline

7) Clothing:Jordan is a Muslim country.Though a tourist place,try to wear keeping in mind their sentiments. So better to wear capris, pants,long skirts....I mean cover yourself instead of over exposing yourself.Leave your mini skirts, halter tops and short shorts at home.

8) A Knapsack to store your money, passport, water bottle, snacks, maps, etc. in it while you're touring. 

9) Facial Wipes

10) A note book/pen to jolt down anything important

11) A map of Jordan(easy to understand)when you travel around Jordan

12) "Change" to give as tips. They readily take dollars

13) Mineral water bottle and small snack packets

14) If you are going at winter time, then be sure to bring some WARM clothes! It can get really cold in the evening and night. Freezing!!Even in summer better to have a pullover/scarf as it can be very windy.

15) A swim suit for Dead Sea

16) Binoculars: You will need it if you visit any nature reserve.I felt the need while visiting Dana Biosphere Reserve 

17) Last but not the lest, don't forget to take your camera to capture your beautiful memories.

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