Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Visit To the Sheep Market at Kabd, Kuwait

 Last weekend after finishing our tour of Alforda, located at Sulaibiya,we went further. While going straight the road , you will come across tents(lot of Kuwaitis) enjoying and camels moving around.
We saw lot of tents, cars parked on the side of road to sell snacks, groceries, kites, fire crackers, grass,vegetables and fruits.
We saw a sign board "Kabd horse stable" and decided to visit it. We followed the sign board and instead landed at the SHEEP MARKET. Maybe the stable was ahead, but we didn't go.
But what we saw surprised us. We saw thousands and thousands of sheep's, some brought in the costliest of cars own by Kuwaitis to be sold. Sheep's from all over the world, specially Australia are brought and sold here.
We felt little awkward to move around as the area was full with male Kuwaitis, Bedouins,Egyptians and Bangladeshi servants of the Kuwaitis.
Read in IndiansInKuwait that "A shipment of 58,000 Australian sheep is expected to arrive here Sunday".
So much are sheep's in demand here that you will need to see or visit a Livestock Market to believe it. Near the market we saw "Sheep Care" Hospitals/Center's.We also saw lot of trucks selling grass.

Though we landed there without any plan, it was a unique experience.

Another thing we noticed about the houses of that area is that the designs are not like the Villas we see in most part of Kuwait. We found similarity to the villas in Jordan. We saw Kuwaiti flags flying high in the complexes/houses which we usually don't see in the villas in other part of Kuwait. I think it is the houses of the Bedouins.  

I found a very nice photography blog. You can check out more pictures of sheep market there http://redasalem.blogspot.com/2009/12/soug-al-ghanam-sheep-market-al-ray.html
Ofcourse, check out his other post. No words to describe the beauty of his work.

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